Sydney Women in Accounting Network


Sydney Women in Accounting Network is an association to support women in accounting in Sydney to meet, network, connect and socialise.


Networking Industry

Services we provided

– Branding
– Logo design
– Website design
– Website support

The Client

SWAN was founded by Joanne Keating, Gillian Mulligan, Keti Stevanovski and Linda Lam. SWAN aims to be unique in its approach by combining elements that include networking events and social events for accountants at all levels to enrich their careers.

What They Needed

Colours from the new logo. The first page is what the group is about. Photos of people attending events. Pictures of females networking. Stock photos to start off with. Page on committee members and who they are. Page on events. Website needs modern, soft, with an elegant style. A bit feminine. The goal of the website is to display information and  get people to come to events.

The Solution

5-Page High-Performance Website that displays upcoming, current and past networking events. The website is easy to use where the client can add their own events in as they wish. We also designed a new logo for SWAN in collaboration with Peachy Graphics.